Long Island, New York

Instructor: Jeff Pastoressa

Sifu: Jeff Pastoressa

Mineola - Long Island, NY
Please contact Phone: 516-643-6156 or
Email: LongIslandDongTaiChi@gmail.com for class schedule or private lessons
Qigong and Tai Chi -Instruction available for Beginners to
Advanced students
Qigong - exercises to build internal energy and strength.
Simplified and Advanced Tai Chi Forms created by Master Alex Dong
Yang Long Form (Slow Form)— is performed slowly with
continuous and steady movement.

Hao Form (Hard Form) use to build Neijin (internal energy) at a quicker pace. Power is applied without stiffness, open and close body with steady force, plant foot with some energy and more attention to sinking the body and Chi.

Tung Ying Jie Family Fast Form (Family Form) uses both slow and fast movements. Energy changes from soft to suddenly explosive and calm again, opens up a whole other level of Tai Chi.

Push Hands to understand the circles, proper energy and to learn about your opponents energy.

Sword and Stick Forms

Tai Chi for Self-Defense